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Progress Summary: October 01 to October 31, 2022 

  • Capitol Pavement of DC Inc. received approved 120-day time extension. All construction activities have been suspended until cabinet delivery.

  • All underground work, streetlight traffic signal and traffic cabinets foundations, streetlight and signal poles have been completed.

  • Installation of overhead hardware for streetlight and traffic signal have been completed.

  • Street light cable installation has been completed

  • Traffic signal cable installation have been completed.

  • Cable splicing in the mainline has been completed.

  • Installation of streetlight and traffic signal cables have been completed.

  • Fiber optic cable installation has been completed

  • 50 Pair communication cable installation has been completed.

  • 100 Pair installation has been completed.

  • Work on streetlight conductor cable for twin 20 has been completed.

  • Traffic fixtures installation have been completed.

  • Milling and paving on Pennsylvania SE EB and WB have been completed.

  • Mayor Work Left:

o Electrical:

▪ Traffic Control Cabinets: Expected delivery on or before November 15th, 2022.

▪ After delivery, completion will take approximately 6 weeks to swap the
intersection. The final completion date is approximately December 28th, 2022.

o Civil Work:

▪ Removal of existing SL, TS, and their foundations that will be completed after
traffic cabinet installation
▪ Sidewalk repair that will be completed after traffic cabinet installation

  • All TTC Signs at WZ have been inspected to ensure compliance.

  • Inspected all Tree Protection wire fencing installation for compliance along Pennsylvania Ave. SE from 2nd St. to 14th St. EB and WB.

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