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Progress Summary: December 01 to November 31, 2022 

  • All underground work, streetlight traffic signal and traffic cabinets foundations, streetlight and signal poles have been completed.

  • Installation of overhead hardware for streetlight and traffic signal have been completed. • Street light cable installation has been completed

  • Traffic signal cable installation have been completed.

  • Cable splicing in the mainline has been completed.

  • Installation of streetlight and traffic signal cables have been completed.

  • Fiber optic cable installation has been completed • 50 Pair communication cable installation has been completed.

  • 100 Pair installation has been completed.

  • Work on streetlight conductor cable for twin 20 has been completed.

  • Traffic fixtures installation have been completed.

  • Milling and paving on Pennsylvania SE EB and WB have been completed.

  • Jaxson Point spliced traffic signal cable for TEC power at Pennsylvania Ave SE from 3rd Street to 10th Street intersections as requested by DDOT.

  • Jaxson Point spliced Traffic Control Special Item DDOT Standard Modular Fiber Termination at Pennsylvania Ave SE intersections from 2nd Street to 14th Street • Signage installation has been completed

  • CCTV Cameras that belong to Metropolitan Police have been removed and their contractor installed them on new poles. Contract cameras are being adjusted at the request of Metropolitan Police and AOC to accommodate installation of some of their cameras. Project camera installed at 2nd Street will be moved to the original position as requested by DDOT

  • Punchlist will be completed when the new traffic cabinets have been installed.

  • Preliminary As-Built Drawings with streetlight and lane markings have been received

  • Sub-contractor installed traffic control cabinets at Pennsylvania Ave SE and 3rd Street intersection.

  • Sub-contractor removed existing SL, TS and their foundations at Pennsylvania Ave and 3rd Street intersection

  • Sidewalk repair has been performed where TS and SL existing foundations have been removed

  • Mayor Work Left:

    • Electrical:

      • Traffic Control Cabinets: Delivery date is confirmed due to supply chain issue, but expected in the first week of January 2023.

    • Civil Work:

      • Removal of existing SL, TS, and their foundations that will be completed after traffic cabinet installation

      • Sidewalk repair that will be completed after traffic cabinet installation

  • All TTC Signs at WZ have been inspected to ensure compliance.

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