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Progress Summary: February 1 - February 28, 2022

  • Capitol Paving of DC. Inc. continued construction activities on Pennsylvania Ave SE, between 2nd street and 14th street, for the installation of streetlight, traffic signals and incidentals work.

  • The work hours are 9:30 am to 3:30 pm—Monday to Friday.

  • The contractor has set up and placed the approved MOT signs before starting the daily construction activity.

  • Street parking is restricted in the work zone, and a temporary travel-lane closure begins at 9:30 am. At the end of each workday, temporary signs and traffic control devices are removed to allow traffic to operate in normal conditions.

  • Tree guards are installed for the protection of the trees.

  • Plastic barrier fences are used on the sidewalk side, and drums are on the roadway for the safety of the pedestrians, bicycle, and vehicular traffic.

  • The full width of the sidewalk is available for pedestrians and businesses during construction.

  • Flaggers are assigned to assist the pedestrians and vehicular traffic at the intersection(s).

  • All underground work has been completed on Pennsylvania Ave SE mainline from 2nd Street up to 14th Street.

  • Intersection work: All underground work, streetlight traffic signal and traffic cabinets foundations have been completed.

  • Sidewalk restoration is in progress, it includes brick and concrete sidewalk, wheelchair/bicycle ramp, restoration of curb and gutter. 90% of the sidewalk is complete, some restoration of the sidewalk will start after the removal of streetlight, signal, and cabinet foundations.

  • Sidewalk restoration is in progress at 11th and 12th Streets, most of the restoration work will be completed mid-March weather permitting.

  • Installation of cables for communication TL, TS and cabinets is in progress in Pennsylvania Avenue SE. Started at PEPCO manhole on 1st Street to 3rd Street and 6 th Street is completed. Installation of traffic signals is in progress and restoration of traffic signal head is in progress.

  • Installation of streetlight and signal poles is in progress

  • Repaired damaged conduit at Pennsylvania Avenue SE and 3rd Street intersection

  • Continue cable installation from manhole to manhole and sidewalk repair work. Cable installation includes TS cable, SL feed, Fiber Optic, streetlight cabinets then start TS and mounting signals.

  • All TTC Signs at WZ have been inspected to ensure compliance.

  • Inspected all Tree Protection wire fencing installation for compliance along Pennsylvania Ave. SE from 2nd St. to 14th St. EB and WB.

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